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You're A Good ManCharlie Brown

Deck Stage Manager

Director: Shelby Art-Koljonen
ChoreographerAndy Meyers
Calling Stage Manager
Darren Green
Music DirectorHudson Crowe
Costume Designer: Ashley Fenton
Lighting Designer: Ken Phillips
Scenic Designer: Syd Mamanno
Sound Engineer: Staci Weidner

Post Playhouse
Cast Size: 6 

Kathryn served as the Deck Stage Manager for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. This was the tamest show of Kathryn’s summer, which allowed her to take on a very important role in the show, The Kite. She rigged and controlled The Kite which Charlie Brown would “fly” every night, which the lovely director Shelby Art-Koljonen called ‘kite-ography.’ With a tiny but mighty cast of six, this show has been incredibly fun for Kathryn. Check out her production paperwork below!

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