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Currently, Kathryn is working as the Props ASM for Head Over Heels. This is her fourth show on the stage management team for ART, and she can't wait to show you the final product. The production is in the early stage of rehearsals. In the meantime, please look at some of Kathryn's prelim paperwork

Legally Blonde

Assistant Stage Manager

Director & ChoreographerChristie Kerr
Music DirectorJamie Reed
Stage Manager: Aidyn Corkell
Costume Designer: Lindsay McDonald
Lighting Designer:  Alex Alegria
Scenic Designer: Christina Griffey
Sound Designer:  Matt Marcus

Arizona Repertory Theatre
Maroney Theatre
Seats: 300
Cast Size: 32
Kathryn was brought on to Legally Blonde two days before the designer run. The show needed more help than planned since it was huge and the first show in ART's Maroney Theatre since pre-Covid. She became a floater backstage and developed paperwork for the rail as many elements flew in and out throughout the show. Legally Blonde allowed Kathryn to show her quick skills and adaptability to any space at any time. Check out her paperwork below!  
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