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Who am I?

Hi! It's nice to virtually meet you. My name is Kathryn Kulaga & I am a current student at the University of Arizona, earning my BFA in Design & Technology with an emphasis in stage management! I have been working in theatre since I was fourteen & have loved it ever since. From the biggest of musicals to working with kids on junior shows, I love every bit of it. When not doing theatre, I enjoy spending time with family & friends, writing, crocheting, cooking/baking, & reading!

Right now, I am continuing my degree in my Junior year at the University of Arizona. In March, I will be attending USITT in Seattle, as a Mentee for the Stage Management Mentorship Project. Currently, I am Stage Managing the Arizona Repertory Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing. 

Below is my resume, references & cover letter are provided upon request!

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