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Clue: The Musical

Deck Stage Manager

Post Playhouse
Cast Size: 8 
Seats: 178 

Director: Stephen Seder
ChoreographerMichael Callahan
Calling Stage Manager
Mesa Winder
Music DirectorsWilliam Demaniow
Costume Designer: Nick Cochran
Lighting Designer: Ken Phillips
Scenic Designer: Syd Mamanno
Sound Engineer: Staci Weidner

Kathryn served as the Deck Stage Manager for Clue: The Musical. This show offered many demanding challenges. Every single night, there would be a different killer, weapon, and location picked live on stage every night and no show was ever the same. Kathryn would have about ninety seconds to figure out who was what, communicate the answer to the company and Calling SM, then switch out furniture elements for the next scene. There were many moving and always changing elements to this production, which kept Kathryn on her toes, but she executed every night flawlessly.

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