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Leader of the Pack

Calling Stage Manager

Post Playhouse
Cast Size: 20 
Seats: 178 

Director: Andy Meyers
ChoreographerMichael Callahan
Music DirectorsWendy Rhodes 
William Demaniow
Costume Designer: Nick Cochran
Lighting Designer: Ken Phillips
Scenic Designer: Stephen Seder
Sound Engineer: Staci Weidner

Kathryn served as the Calling Stage Manager for Leader of the Pack. This show was her professional debut, and she loved getting to work on another Jukebox Musical. With a big cast, and a show full of huge dance numbers back-to-back, it was a fabulous professional debut for Kathryn. The show ran for three months from May 26th to August 13th, see her paperwork below!

*Selected sections from Kathryn's blocking/calling books have been uploaded.

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